Must Read News Articles – March 3rd, 2019

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RCEP countries agree to intensify negotiations to conclude trade pact this year

The 16 members of RCEP group including India and China Saturday agreed to intensify the ongoing negotiations for a proposed mega trade agreement to resolve all issues and conclude the talks this year.

UNSC blacklists Osama bin Laden’s son, seen as successor of Al Qaida leader al-Zawahiri

The UN Security Council has designated Hamza bin Laden, the son of slain Al Qaida chief Osama bin Laden, under its sanctions list, subjecting him to a travel ban, assets freeze and an arms embargo.

India-Pakistan tensions: No Russian mediation required, situation is stabilising, says India

Rejecting any mediation by Russia or other countries, India’s Ambassador to Moscow said that tensions between India and Pakistan appear to be de-escalating.

Rajasthan’s Gujjar quota faces a legal challenge

A public interest litigation petition filed in the High Court here, challenges the quota Bill on grounds of an “untenable basis” of proportionality of population.

Kanyashree stipends are no shield against trafficking

Experts and activists say the complex problem cannot be prevented merely by monetary handouts meant to retain girls in school.

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Implementation of rule on cooking oil a question mark in Karnataka

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s (FSSAI) recent directive prohibiting Food Business Operators (FBOs), whose consumption of edible oils for frying is more than 50 litres a day, from reusing cooking oil more than three times may be easier issued than implemented in Karnataka.

Artificial canals in Kerala to fill gaps in National Waterway

Artificial canals will be created in three uncut portions along the 57-km Mahe-Valapattanam stretch of the West Coast Canal (WCC), the arterial inland waterway of the State, which is being developed to the standard of a National Waterway.

SpaceX astronaut capsule launched on ISS test mission

SpaceX celebrated the successful launch on Saturday of a new astronaut capsule on a week-long round trip to the International Space Station


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