Must Read News Articles – May 17th, 2019



U.S. President announces new points-based green card system

U.S. President has announced a proposal that will include significant changes to the way green cards are allocated, by dramatically reducing the number of family-based green cards and moving towards a points-based (“merit-based”) system that will reward, among other factors, education, skills and English language proficiency.

Crop insurance fail: only ₹8 cr. spent for NE

Out of ₹1,400 crore earmarked annually for the north-eastern States under the Centre’s flagship Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, only ₹8 crore — or just over half a per cent — was actually spent last year

Pact will aid information exchange to fight terrorism, says U.S. Admiral

U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Admiral has said that India and the U.S. are cooperating to prevent all forms of terrorism both from land and sea.

Iran, India discuss visa extension

India has held the 11th Consular Committee Meeting with Iran which dealt with smoothing visa and legal matters essential for bilateral ties.

Air India to crack down on sexual harassment

Air India chief has instructed the airline’s leadership team to “come down heavily” on instances of sexual harassment in the company which were being reported “often.”

‘Local language criteria for jobs mandatory’

An influential literary organisation in Assam has issued a diktat, saying people who don’t know Assamese or any other indigenous language will not be allowed to work in the State.

India gives 2 attack copters to Afghanistan

India has handed over two Mi-24 attack helicopters to Afghanistan.

Technology ban escalates U.S.-China tensions

China has warned the U.S. against further harming trade ties after President Donald Trump effectively barred Chinese telecom giant Huawei from the U.S. market,

Images of Iran missiles set off U.S. alert

According to US officials, the intelligence that caused the USA to escalate its warnings about a threat from Iran came from photographs of missiles on small boats in the Gulf that were put on board by Iranian paramilitary forces

GDP numbers suggest high growth in medium term: panel

The 15th Finance Commission has said that India’s GDP numbers suggest a continued high growth trend in the medium term even though they have fluctuated in the last few years.


Scorching heat forces animals out of Seshachalam biosphere

With the summer heat touching 45 degree Celsius, the wild animals in the Seshachalam biosphere, which is spread over Chittoor and Kadapa districts, are moving out.

Stop felling trees for Puri chariots: research centre

Considering the huge destruction of trees due to Fani cyclone, the Vedic Science Research Centre (VSRC), Odisha, wants Puri’s Sri Jagannath temple administration and the Odisha government to stop the cutting of a large number of trees in future for the construction of new chariots for the annual Rath Yatra.

Chinese probe reveals secrets of the moon

Scientists have said they could be a step closer to solving the riddle behind the Moon’s formation, unveiling the most detailed survey yet of the far side of Earth’s satellite.

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