Must Read News Articles – May 19th, 2019



‘No shortage of polio vaccine’

The Health Ministry has assured that there is no shortage of polio vaccine.

Zarif rules out prospect of war with U.S.

Iran’s foreign Minister has ruled out any prospects of war with the USA

.U.K. law secures rights of Sikhs to carry kirpans

The U.K. government has passed an amendment by which Sikhs in the country will be allowed to carry kirpan s and use it during religious and cultural functions. The ‘Offensive Weapons Bill’ received the royal assent.

India voices concern over delays in reimbursement to UN peacekeeping contributing countries

India, which is owed $38 million by the UN for peacekeeping operations, has voiced concern over the “unjustifiable and inexplicable” delays in reimbursement to countries providing peacekeeping troops.

$150 mn World Bank loan likely for Rebuild Kerala

The World Bank’s upcoming talks with the Kerala government and Union Department of Economic Affairs on May 27 and 28 in New Delhi will be to secure its development policy loan (DPL) of $150 million for the Rebuild Kerala initiative.

RBI now uses divergence to compel banks to improve their loan­loss ratios

At least three public sector banks that have reported earnings for the January-March quarter have mentioned ‘divergence’ in bad loan recognition and have made provisions for such loans.



Odisha fishermen vulnerable due to frequent cyclonic events

Cyclones and other atmospheric events have caused a rise in unemployment in the fishing community of Odisha.

Tiger spotted at Goa’s only national park

A tiger has been spotted at Goa’s only national park, Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park in South Goa

IIT Bombay fabricates wearable supercapacitor

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay have fabricated a wearable supercapacitor that can store and deliver large amount of electrical energy, exceeding other similar devices.

Hornbills among top seed dispersers, most threatened

Researchers from Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore, have mapped the different frugivore (fruit eaters) birds and their interactions that are important for the forest ecosystem.

Tweaked pharmacy referral model increases TB case-finding

By slightly changing the way private pharmacies help people with symptomatic TB to get diagnosed early and start treatment, McGill University researchers have been able to achieve 62 times higher referral and 25 times increase in TB diagnosis.

Early life stress can modify DNA expression, a study finds

A Bengaluru-based group of researchers has discovered a link between stress during early life and problematic, externalising behaviour in the DNA of children of alcoholic parents.

Microscope to diagnose, treat diseases

Scientists have developed a specialised microscope with the potential to diagnose diseases like skin cancer as well as perform precise surgery without making any incisions in the skin.

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