GS 1

Justice and redemption

Child abuse; National Commission for Protection of Child Rights

Why due process matters

Sexual harassment; me too campaign

GS 2

China wants Pakistan to relocate Hafiz Saeed to a West Asian country

India-China-Pakistan; Internal  security

Do we need the office of the Governor?

Governor; discretionary power

A quick recap of the gutkha scam

Guthka scam; health

GS 3

Entirely preventable

Thoothukudi firing; Sterlite copper

Natural capital in the 21st century

Green GDP

Capital remaining for banks is ‘sufficient’: Govt.

Bank recapitalization;

India moves WTO over U.S. steel tariffs

WTO dispute; India-US

World faces ‘staggering’ obesity challenge: study

Health; Obesity

Why birds don’t have teeth



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