Must Read News Articles – May 4, 2018


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Society related issues:

Into the brave new age of irrationality(The Hindu)

Indians have never really adopted the scientific temper, irrespective of our education. It’s evident from our obsession with crackpot sciences such as astrology and palmistry in our daily lives. However, in the past four years, the belief in pseudo-sciences has gained a political fig leaf as have tall, unverifiable claims on science.


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International Relations:

Targeting Tehran: on Netanyahu’s revelations on Iran(The Hindu Editorial)

The timing of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that Iran had a robust nuclear weapons programme is not lost on anyone. On Monday, Mr. Netanyahu shared thousands of documents related to Iran’s nuclear programme at a time when U.S. President Donald Trump is considering ripping up the Iran nuclear deal.

Emerging irritant: on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(The Hindu)

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is China’s ambitious project for increasing connectivity and economic cooperation within Eurasia. Since its announcement in 2013, the BRI has been positively received by many countries covered within its ambit.

Indian Constitutional and Polity:

Centre quotes SC order on Aadhaar(The Hindu)

Recently, the Aadhaar Constitution Bench, led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, had questioned the government’s line that its efforts to mandatorily link SIMs with Aadhaar was based on a February 6, 2017 order of the Supreme Court.

SC upholds MCI notification(The Hindu)

The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the validity of a April 9 notification issued by the Medical Council of India (MCI) making changes in the method of admissions to the postgraduate medical courses to arrest the blocking of seats by certain candidates which was detrimental to the interest of meritorious students in the all India quota.

Need time for Cauvery scheme: Centre to SC(The Hindu)

Tamil Nadu argued that though the Cauvery tribunal had ordered the release of 2.5 tmcft each for April and May, Karnataka had released only 1.1 tmcft in April.

PM busy in Karnataka, need time for Cauvery plan: Centre(The Hindu)

The Centre on Thursday informed the Supreme Court about its inability to frame the Cauvery draft water-sharing scheme within the May 3 deadline given by the apex court, saying “Prime Minister and Ministers are travelling.”

A pattern of impunity: on the SC/ST Act(The Hindu Opinion)

The problem with the SC/ST Act is the failure of the criminal justice system to recognise its own casteist biases.

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AIIB not a threat, can cooperate: ADB president(The Hindu)

The rise of China-led The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is not seen as a threat to Asian Development Bank (ADB) and in fact, both can cooperate to finance the large infrastructure funding needs, Takehiko Nakao, president of the ADB, said on Thursday.

Internal Security:

Despite CA’s closure, U.K. to continue investigation(The Hindu)

The closure of Cambridge Analytica (CA) and the associated firm SCL Elections will not have any impact on two U.K. investigations into the data analytics company.


Poor response in Alipore zoo to animal adoption scheme(The Hindu)

Almost four years after the West Bengal government introduced a scheme to adopt animals in the Alipore Zoological Garden, the initiative seems to have lost steam with fewer individuals and companies approaching the authorities for adoption.

New snake found in Western Ghats(The Hindu)

Just 40 cm long and iridescent brown, Bhupathy’s shieldtail is the latest addition to the snake fauna of the Western Ghats.

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