Must Read News Articles – May 8, 2018

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Society related issues:

Stop this jobs charade(The Hindu Opinion)

One single data point from the government’s 2018 Economic Survey is proof of how grave India’s jobs problem is. The survey observed that 90% of all employees in the formal sector earn less than Rs. 15,000 a month.

The problems with a DNA registry(The Hindu Opinion)

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, only about a quarter of rape cases ended in conviction in 2016. These rates are low in other countries too. The outrage over these attacks has reinforced the belief that India needs a sex offenders’ database or a DNA database of those accused and charged with rape.

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International Relations:

‘NAM needs new cause’(The Hindu)

As for NAM, its membership still forms a big bloc in the United Nations, but because of the fall of the Soviet bloc and the rise of a unipolar world, it too has lost its way. Today, NAM needs a new cause, and big leaders like we had in the past of Nehru, Nasser and Tito to revive it.

‘Coordinated patrol can prevent another Doklam’(The Hindu)

Referring to the maritime dimension of the China-India ties, the researcher signaled that Beijing and New Delhi could become joint stakeholders in the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

Indian Constitution and Polity:

Protest over citizenship for Hindu migrants(The Hindu)

The Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 began a hearing in Assam on Monday amid protests across the Brahmaputra Valley against the Union government’s alleged move to make the State a “legitimise Hindus who have migrated from Bangladesh after 1971”.

No religion breeds hatred: SC(The Hindu)

There is a constitutional obligation to preserve the religious practices of all religions and culture, the Supreme Court said on Monday.

Where the law needs to change track(The Hindu Opinion)

It is also essential to include within Section 124 of the Railways Act a provision for a claim from a “neighbour to a passenger” in the manner that the Supreme Court recognises, namely, a road user of a motor vehicle.

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Rupee hits 15-month low; crosses 67/$(The Hindu)

The rupee has been the worst Asian currency performer this year so far against the dollar, losing 5.1% since January.

Government policies and plans:

India gets $200 million loan for nutrition mission(The Hindu)

India on Monday signed an agreement with the World Bank for a $200 million loan for implementing the National Nutrition Mission across 315 districts of the country.

LSGIs may find the going tough(The Hindu)

Local self-government institutions (LSGIs) will find Plan implementation for 2018-19 a tough task under the new norms issued by the government on the allocation and utilisation of funds for spillover projects from 2017-18.

Internal Security:

Separate NIA unit all set to probe funding pattern of Naxalites(The Hindu)

Following reports of Maoist leaders having amassed huge assets in property and cash, the Centre said a separate unit will be created in the National Investigation Agency (NIA) for investigating “important” cases of Left Wing Extremism.

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