Must Read News Articles-November 13th 2019


India’s cancer care facilities highly inadequate, says parliamentary panel

Systematic failure to address needs results in 20% higher mortality, says the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science, Technology and Environment.

Progress on childhood pneumonia, diarrhoea falling short, finds global study

India too lags behind as rising air pollution places additional stress on children

BRICS Bond Fund likely on agenda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi left to attend the 11th BRICS summit to be held on November 13 and 14 in Brasilia.

President’s rule should be based only on ‘objective material’, said Supreme Court in Bommai case

A nine-judge Constitution Bench of the court in the Bommai case, which is the reigning authority on the use and misuse of Article 356, had held that political whim or fancy cannot form the basis for the President to proclaim central rule in a State

BRICS strategic partnership for global stability, shared security and innovative growth

Russia backs the core point that BRICS, as a pillar of the emerging, fairer polycentric world order, has the same approach to key issues


The Western Ghats still home to a rainbow of butterflies

Three-day survey finds 191 species of the insect, 12 of which are endemic to the biodiversity-rich region

C-295 transport plane clears cost negotiations

Tata-Airbus aircraft to replace Air Force’s ageing fleet of Avros

Centre wants States to ditch APMC for e-NAM

States were being “cajoled to reject” the agricultural produce marketing committee (APMC) system in favour of e-NAM

Government unveils draft e-commerce rules

The draft Consumer Protection (e-Commerce) Rules, 2019 has been announced by Ministry of Consumer Affairs

The problem with re-basing GDP estimates

Introducing a new series without any changes will only entrench methodological problems and affect data credibility

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