Must Read News Articles – November 18

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International relations:

India, France to enhance counter-terror ties(The Hindu)

Gravely concerned over growing terrorism, India and France on Friday decided to enhance counter- terror cooperation, and asked the international community to oppose those financing, sheltering and providing safe havens to terrorists.

A beginning, an end(Indian Express)

Three months ago, speaking to delegates from 47 African nations, Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe launched into a monologue about his old friend Muammar Gaddafi

Indian Constitution and Polity:

An absurd canvas: on Padmavati(The Hindu)

The coalition ranged against the screening of Padmavati, a big-budget period drama, is growing more violent and absurd by the day.

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Economy gets Moody’s thumbs up(The Hindu)

Global credit rating agency Moody’s Investors Services raised India’s sovereign rating for the first time in 13 years early on Friday morning, citing the country’s high growth potential in the years to come, thanks to economic and institutional reforms.

Timely recognition: on the Moody’s upgrade(The Hindu)

Moody’s decision to upgrade India’s sovereign credit rating by a notch after a gap of almost 14 years is undoubtedly a welcome recognition of the country’s enormous economic potential

A step up(Economic times)

Big lesson for India from sovereign credit rating upgrades: Stay the course on macroeconomic stability

Beyond Piketty: on income inequality(The Hindu)

With the Gujarat State elections barely a few weeks away, the debate on the Indian economy has become increasingly polarised.


SC for nationwide ban on furnace oil, pet coke(The Hindu)

The Supreme Court on Friday requested all States and Union Territories to move forward towards a nationwide ban on the use of pet coke and furnace oil to power up industries, in a bid to fight  Pollution.

 ‘First industry built PSLV by 2020’(The Hindu)

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is preparing to hand over the entire gamut of launch vehicle manufacture to domestic industry by 2020.

The superbugs of Hyderabad(The Hindu)

Effluent from pharmaceutical companies contain high concentrations of antibiotics that are turning the city’s lakes and sewers into breeding grounds of drug-resistant superbugs.

India’s heritage city races to save icons from polluted ruin (Economic times)

Traffic chokes the centuries-old stone archway into Ahmedabad’s historic quarter, the snarl of honking rickshaws and sputtering buses coats the monuments of India’s only heritage city in a greasy layer of soot.

Own the crisis(Indian Express)

Breathing has certainly become injurious to health in Delhi. Yet, those of us who live here and have vocalised our breathlessness, struggle to acknowledge that we too have somehow contributed to what the social media has termed an “apocalypse”.


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