Must Read News Articles – November 19th, 2018

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Balance of power, in the balance

Any attempt by the Centre to override the RBI Governor using the RBI Act would be ill-advised

India steps up agro-diplomacy with China

New Delhi feels that Beijing will focus on food security by diversifying imports in view of trade war

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Govt. directions to RBI under Section 7 unlikely

Though the government had ‘referred’ Section 7 of the RBI Act for ‘consultation’ on these issues, it may refrain from issuing directions as such a move will have wide ramifications.

A forest filled with butterflies

As dawn breaks, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, one of India’s protected forest areas, turns a garden with dream flowers floating all over. The sight repeats as dusk falls in. Wafer thin canvases bearing a splash of colours flutter all around, filling the reserve with a splendour that matches the aura of a forest full of butterflies.

Rare bird sighted in Kerala’s Chinnar sanctuary

The sighting of a rare bird species in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary has sparked much interest among ornithologists since its presence was noticed on the eastern side of the Western Ghats for the first time.

Further stressed by thermal power

In the projections that the Central Water Commission (CWC) released in 2015, the sector-wise requirement of water (that is, for drinking and domestic use, industry and energy) will rise steeply between 2030 and 2050.

Cyclone Gaja: Being prepared against extreme events

Coastal districts must continue to strengthen resilience against extreme weather events

New space industry emerges: servicing satellites in orbit

Imagine an airport where thousands of planes, empty of fuel, are left abandoned on the tarmac. That is what has been happening for decades with satellites that circle the Earth.

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