Must Read News Articles – November 24

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International relations:

The new bipolarity in Asia(The Hindu Opinion)

Having one set of nations ranged against China is not going to be easy in the prevailing circumstances

Rohingya repatriation deal signed(The Hindu)

Bangladesh to return 6,00,000 Muslim refugees to Myanmar; process expected to start in two months.

Reaching out to neighbours(The Hindu Opinion)

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is among the world’s largest regional intergovernmental organizations

Quad confusion(The Hindu Opinion)

More than 10 days after the Quadrilateral meeting, or ‘Quad’, involving secretary-level officials of India, Japan, Australia and the U.S., the dust is yet to settle on just what was decided among them.

The wind in India’s sails(Indian Express)

India has, since 1998, signed “strategic partnership” agreements with 30 countries and organisations, ranging from Afghanistan and ASEAN to Uzbekistan and UAE

Social Issues:


Keeping TB away with a healthy diet(The Hindu)

Can a healthy diet stave off tuberculosis? The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) will monitor 2000 TB patients in Jharkhand and additionally ensure that they are well fed to determine the extent to which a good diet can influence tuberculosis treatment.

Going universal(The Hindu Opinion)

Karnataka does well to finalise the road map to ensure universal health coverage

Indian Constitution and Polity:

President’s nod for bankruptcy ordinance(The Hindu)

Wilful defaulters barred from being resolution applicants; fines of ₹1 lakh to ₹2 crore for violations

‘IBC ordinance will affect pending suits’(The Hindu)

The biggest concern regarding the amendments to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) is that they will cause disruption in nearly all pending insolvency proceedings, according to leading insolvency lawyer Sumant Batra.

Parliament Winter session: Bill to grant NCBC constitutional status to be re-introduced in Lok Sabha(Indian Express)

Following the impasse over the Bill to grant constitutional status to the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) in the last session of Parliament, the Union government is set to reintroduce the Bill in the Lok Sabha in the forthcoming Winter Session.

Bamboo ceases to be a tree, freed of Forest Act(The Hindu)

After 90 years, the bamboo has legally ceased to be a tree with the government, on Thursday, amending the Indian Forest Act and axing the bamboo — taxonomically a grass — from a list of plants that also included palms, skumps, brush-wood and canes.

Resetting the bar(Indian Express)

With provisions that curb discredited investors, amended bankruptcy code will deal with stressed assets better.

More seats for Sikkim Assembly(The Hindu)

The Home Ministry has proposed an increase in the number of seats in the Sikkim  Assembly from 32 to 40. The expansion will be the first since the State merged with India in 1975.

Politics and Padmavati(The Hindu Editorial)

Chief Ministers cannot cite law and order threats as an excuse to curb free expression

GS: 3


The hungry nation(Indian Express)

Global Hunger Index offers a needed reality check for India’s big power aspirations.

Partnership of ideas(Indian Express)

Digitisation provides an opportunity to strengthen industry-academia ties.

Science and Technology:

Unite to fight dark forces in digital space: PM(The Hindu)

Modi calls for sharing of information and coordination among nations and creation of cyberwarriors to ensure safety



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