Must Read News Articles – November 3rd, 2018

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Iran oil: India to get U.S. sanctions waiver

Eight countries will be given exemptions and “weeks longer to wind down” their trade with Iran, once U.S. sanctions against Iran kick in on November 5. This was clarified by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Friday during a conference call with some members of the press.

How not to choose among allies

For India, the impact of the American sanctions plan would be manifold, regardless of the waiver.

A judgment and its aftermath

Protests in Pakistan over Asia Bibi’s acquittal underline the urgent need to reassure religious minorities

Xi calls for ‘new era’ in ties with Pak.

Report says Islamabad is expected to receive a $6 bn aid package from China during PM Imran’s visit

Russia to host Taliban dialogue

Russia has quietly invited a group of senior Afghan politicians to talks with the Taliban in Moscow, bypassing President Ashraf Ghani’s government in a move that has angered officials in Kabul who say it could muddle the U.S.-backed peace process

Lithuania takes a step forward with women on traffic symbols

Lithuania’s capital Vilnius on Friday installed traffic lights featuring female symbols to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote in the Baltic state

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Loans for MSMEs in 59 minutes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced 12 measures to boost the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, including a portal that would enable them to get a loan in just 59 minutes and interest subvention of 2%.

NASA’s historic Dawn mission comes to an end

NASA’s pioneering Dawn spacecraft — which orbited the two largest objects in the asteroid belt — has run out of fuel, ending a historic 11-year mission that unravelled many mysteries of our solar system, the US space agency said.

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