Must Read News Articles-November 5th 2019


India storms out of RCEP, says trade deal hurts Indian farmers

India had made a strong case for an outcome which is favourable to all countries and all sectors.

India, Russia to conclude mutual logistics agreement

India and Russia are expected to conclude a mutual logistics agreement and review the setting up of joint ventures for manufacturing spares for Russian defence platforms in India.

A rights-based framework to theorise poverty

Debates on deprivation need to be grounded in the language of equality, opportunity and justice


SC asks Punjab, Haryana, U.P. to end stubble burning immediately

In a bid to save Delhi from the choking air pollution, the Supreme Court on Monday asked the governments of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to immediately stop their farmers from stubble burning.

‘Visibly elusive’ Bengal tree frog gets recorded as new species

Specimens of Brown Blotched Bengal Tree Frog were not discovered from deep jungles but from residential areas in two districts of West Bengal.

Clearing the air: On Delhi’s air pollution

Tackling Delhi’s pollution needs tough, unpopular measures well ahead of winter

Fusing traditional medicine with the modern

Taking cues from the Chinese experience, India can integrate the education, research and practice of both systems

Enhancing insurance coverage for bank deposits

Denying people the right over their hard-earned money is a colossal hazard for the financial system

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