2017 is set to be in top three hottest years: WMO: (The Hindu & BBC)

All-India rainfall for the 2017 monsoon season was 5% below average.

Plotting social progress: (The Hindu, Editorial)

We need a cohesive measure of social progress in individual States.

On the margins: (The Hindu, Editorial)

How demonetisation has affected refugees in India.


Commonwealth in the time of Brexit: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Britain is showing renewed interest in the 52-nation forum. India could play a key role in its revival.

The new oil game: (Indian Express, Editorial)

China is showing increasing interest in the Middle East. India must track its moves.

Probe ordered into ‘Paradise Papers’: (The Hindu)

Centre reconstitutes Multi-Agency Group to investigate disclosures on offshore accounts of 714 Indians.

Eliminating the mafia from Indian politics: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Fast-track courts will do little to break the symbiotic relationship between politicians and criminals.


‘Public credit registry to speed up digitisation’: (The Hindu)

Relevance of ‘brick and mortar’ banking diminishing: RBI.

How demonetisation affected the Indian economy, in 10 charts: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The potential benefits of demonetisation are not clear yet, but the costs are clear.


Teaching ethics to aspiring civil servants: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The question is, is this instance of misconduct by a public official, chosen on merit and pampered later with enviable perquisites, a mere aberration or is it symptomatic of a wider malaise?

Prelims Related News

Proxima Centauri may host planetary system:

Scientists detect dust belts around it.

Mammals gave up night life only after dinosaur doom:

This evolution would explain why relatively few in this class of animals follow a daytime-active or ‘diurnal’ lifestyle today, says study.



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