Must Read News Articles – October 10

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Social Issues

ILO defends report on ‘modern slavery’: (The Hindu)

Reacts to India’s questioning the credibility of its estimates.

Knitting a safety net: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Responsive social and care systems for mental health issues must be pursued relentlessly.


Government Policies

Hear marital cases in camera: SC: (The Hindu)

In a historic verdict, a three-judge Bench of the Supreme Court, with a 2:1 majority, overruled its earlier orders to conduct matrimonial disputes cases through video conferencing, saying it is very doubtful whether the emotional bond can be established in a virtual meeting during video conferencing and it may even create a dent in the process of settlement.

Hadiya accepts her marriage: SC: (The Hindu)

The Supreme Court observed that a High Court’s power to intervene in a habeas corpus petition and give custody of an adult woman to her father is restrained to circumstances when she is found to have been subjected to physical harm or torture or is psychologically depressed.

Fixing the steel frame: (The Hindu, Editorial)

It is not as difficult as it sounds.

Executive and the Judiciary

Towards transparency: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Disclosures on judicial appointments are welcome, but the reasons must be spelt out.

Open court: (Indian Express, Editorial)

In judicial appointments and transfers, justice will now be seen to be done.

International groupings and agreements

Bay of Bengal diplomacy: (The Hindu, Editorial)

India should foster regional cooperation on environment and disaster management.


Pollution and Conservation

SC bans sale of crackers in Delhi: (The Hindu)

The Supreme Court suspended the sale of firecrackers in Delhi and NCR till November 1, 2017 in a bid to test whether a Deepavali without firecrackers this year will have a “positive effect” on the health of citizens and a steadily deteriorating air quality.

A Court-Mandated Diwali: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Supreme Court’s ban on sale of firecrackers in Delhi and surrounding towns till November 1 is extreme, unjustified and, perhaps, inadequately thought through.

At Bonn, stay the course: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Renegotiation of the Paris Agreement on climate change is not a viable option.

Prelims Related News


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