Must Read News Articles – October 11



Fixing healthcare: (Indian Express, Editorial)

The system requires urgent reform. Neither a blind increase in spending nor a surrender to the private sector is the solution.

‘Focus should be on scaling up the use of innovations’: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The newly appointed Deputy Director-General for Programmes at the WHO says her elevation reflects on the growing importance of India in global health diplomacy.


Passive euthanasia already a law: (The Hindu)

Passive euthanasia, the act of withdrawing life support to a terminally-ill patient, is already the law of the land, the government told a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court.

SC ruling on age of consent today: (The Hindu)

Disparity between IPC and other laws.

India, U.K. to firm up defence links: (The Hindu)

Talks ahead of Modi-May meet in 2018.

Measuring judicial merit: (The Hindu, Editorial)

In making collegium decisions public, the Supreme Court must also reason out its measurement of ‘merit’.


GIFT City bourses to offer oil contracts: (The Hindu)

Trading in crude futures to start this month after SEBI permission to special financial zone’s exchanges.

Is ‘deep sea fishing’ the silver bullet?: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The Palk Bay conflict requires a multi-dimensional approach.

The wrong options: (The Hindu, Editorial)

GST and demonetisation are not the structural reforms that will boost the economy.

New Pattern Of Urban Terror: (Indian Express, Editorial)

India must prepare for a changing security threat and challenge.

A new industrial policy for Bharat: (Live Mint, Editorial)

India’s new industrial policy must focus on improving overall competitiveness and avoid the lure of protectionism.

Prelims Related News

WHO releases new guidelines to manage obesity in children:

Assessment of eating habits and counselling to be part of intervention strategy.


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