Social Issues

India plans a riposte to slavery report: (The Hindu)

To pressure ILO to distance itself from Australian NGO’s survey, which can potentially harm India’s image.


India and neighbors

India acts against bottom trawling: (The Hindu)

Joint Working Group outlines initiatives in the Palk Bay area; need for permanent solution reiterated.


Science and Tech

A plan to stamp out animal TB: (The Hindu)

Zoonotic TB continues to remain largely hidden, posing many health risks.

Prelims Related News 

DNA barcodes reveal adulteration in traditional medicines:

Spurious plant extracts in place of rare ones and toxic lead found in samples taken from 12 wholesale markets in different States.

External ground delays holding up GSAT-9 benefits:

We will support partner governments through Indian industry, says ISRO.

Elevated enzyme for cancer diagnosis:

The application of this technique may be during surgery to know tumour spread.


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