Must Read News Articles – October 18

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Social Issues

Making the Internet disappear: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Courts must take into account the exceptional character of Net shutdowns and their impact on civil liberties.

Gone girl: (Indian Express, Editorial)

SC verdict on child marriage makes a break with cultural norms. Now, back it with policy to restore childhoods.


International institutions

Rohingya crisis worse than Syria’s, says UN: (The Hindu)

As it is man-made, the situation needs a political solution for refugees to return to Myanmar.

India and neighbors

Possibilities amidst flux in South Asia: (Indian Express, Editorial)

As the US recalibrates its ties with Pakistan and Afghanistan, India must find ways to intervene in the new strategic spaces.

The right balance: (Indian Express, Editorial)

India ought to engage Myanmar on the Rohingya crisis; expelling refugees will diminish its stature on the global stage.

Effects of developed and developing countries policies

U.S. ploy against Iran: envoy: (The Hindu)

It is working to deprive Tehran of the Indian energy market.

Parliament and State Legislatures

Political and partisan: (The Hindu, Editorial)

We need to find ways to protect the Speaker from undue political pressure and incentives.

Government Policies

What the new ‘progressive’ intervention in Uniform Civil Code debate entails: (Indian Express, Explained)

It is the idea that all citizens, irrespective of faith, should be governed by the same set of laws in ‘personal’ affairs such as marriage, divorce, succession and inheritance, and adoption.


Cropping pattern, Agriculture, e-technology

Retrench India’s farm economy to sustain it: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Our agriculture policy needs to focus on improving productivity instead of price support.

Prelims Related News

Sawfish more threatened than tigers:

The sawfish, included in Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 enacted to save them from exploitation, have been sighted off the Indian coast less than 10 times in over a decade.


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