Must Read News Articles-October 18th 2019


Legislative Council abolished in J&K

The Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Council, the upper house of the Assembly, was abolished as per Section 57 of the J&K Reorganisation Bill, 2019.

Britain clinches Brexit deal with EU

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges U.K. lawmakers to ratify it in a special session on Saturday.

TB cases see decrease in India

Number of patients fall by almost 50,000 over past year, says WHO report


Army gets precision ammunition

The Army fast-tracked procurement of 155-mm Excalibur precision-guided ammunition from the U.S., and it has recently been inducted.

The secondary monsoon: On rainfall behaviour

There is little understanding of the behaviour of the Indian Ocean and monsoon impact

Vital additions to empirical research

Despite limitations, the use of randomised control trials has led to a paradigm shift in development policy evaluation

What can India do to overcome the global slowdown?

Strengthening the manufacturing industry and increasing domestic demand are key imperatives

Greening the powerhouses

Climate change is still not integral to the planning of Indian cities and towns, despite the risks it poses

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