Must Read News Articles-October 1st 2019


Natural for India to introduce its language in global stage, says Jaishankar

There are some 19,500 languages and dialects spoken in India; almost all Indians speak one of 22 scheduled languages.

Kerala tops Niti Aayog’s School Education Quality Index; U.P. is worst performer

There are huge differences in the quality of school education across the country, according to the ranking.

A test for judicial review in India

U.K. Supreme Court’s ruling on Parliament prorogation is an exemplar on how the judiciary show view executive actions


Green energy target lacks deadline

No fixed year for increase of share of non-fossil fuels to 450 GW, says official

Scientists excavate ‘ancient river’ in Uttar Pradesh

The Union Water Ministry has excavated an old, dried-up river in Prayagraj (formerly Allahabad) that linked the Ganga and Yamuna rivers.

The link between jobs, farming and climate

It is imperative to focus on agricultural production in devising a long-term solution to the problem of unemployment

Creating jobs for young India

If India does not make effective use of the strengths of its youth now, it may never do

Housing crisis, untouched

The draft Model Tenancy Act does little to address current issues in the rental housing market

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