Must Read News Articles – October 24

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Social Issues

Has hunger increased in India in recent years?: (Live Mint, Editorial)

IFPRI’s latest Global Hunger Index shows that under-nutrition has decreased rather than increased in India.


Government Policies

Why make a show of patriotism: SC judge: (The Hindu)

Plea against anthem in movie halls.

Colonial Rajasthan: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Ordinance that shields public servants is a throwback to an earlier time, fails the test of constitutionality.

Rajasthan tables Criminal Laws Amendment Bill amid uproar: (The Hindu)

It seeks to protect government officials and curb media coverage.


The gown and the Bench: (The Hindu, Editorial)

SC’s senior advocate guidelines can guide collegium in judges’ selection too.

Effects of developed and developing countries policies

The Abe manoeuvre: (The Hindu, Editorial)

With a stronger win, Japan’s PM can go ahead with economic and constitutional reform.

With or without the veto: (The Hindu, Editorial)

India should pursue the lead offered by the U.S. to end the deadlock over the Security Council’s expansion.

The road to partnership: (Indian Express, Editorial)

India-US ties have deepened but remain short of fulfilling their potential. Trump regime could contribute to India’s rise as a regional power.

India and neighbors

Modi-Ghani talks to focus on terror: (The Hindu)

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will hold detailed talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday on furthering the shared objective of promoting security and stability in Afghanistan, and efforts to combat terrorism.


Pollution and Conservation

Centre eases norms for sewage plants: (The Hindu)

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has relaxed standards for upcoming sewage treatment plants (STP), including those to come up on extremely polluted stretches of the Ganga.

Indian Economy

Economic growth: an alternative view: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The current method of GDP calculation treats environmental damage costs as income.


On a different trajectory: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Increasingly bereft of ideology, the Maoists could shift towards becoming like any other militant or terror group.

Cyber Security

Law And Immunity: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Move to criminalise cyber speech will add impunity to power.


Long-run trends in rural wages: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The collapse and stagnation of rural wages over the past few years deserves a closer look than it has received thus far.

Prelims Related News

Narrow rings of comets spotted forming planets:

Scientists use telescopes to track distant solar systems.

Hunter vs hunted: how different species react to smell of blood:

Predators go into a frenzy of excitement while mice and humans showed fear when exposed to synthetic version of E2D compound.

‘Paika Bidroha’ to be named as 1st War of Independence:

Paikas were peasant militia under the Gajapati rulers of Odisha who rendered military service to the king during times of war. They rebelled against the British rule under the leadership of Bakshi Jagabandhu Bidyadhara as early as 1817.


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