Must Read News Articles – September 18



Social issues

SC ruling on misuse of the dowry law raises questions: (Indian Express, Editorial)

In most states, the police have a counseling centre at the district headquarters, where both the complainant and the accused, wife and husband are encouraged to talk about their grievances against each other.

Role of women

Liberalization’s impact on gender discrimination: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Conventional wisdom suggests that economic reforms should have reduced discrimination—but that hasn’t really been the case.


Effects of developed and developing countries policies

India under U.S. pressure to scale down ties with North Korea: (The Hindu)

U.S. has asked India to cut down ties with Pyongyang.

Tweaks to pact with S. Korea mooted: (The Hindu)

India is looking to plug loopholes in its Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with South Korea following concerns over a recent sudden surge in imports of gold and related articles from that country.

Welfare schemes

PDS digitisation moving at snail’s pace: (The Hindu)

At least 11 States have not yet taken the elementary step.

India and neighbors

Reading the tea leaves: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The emerging India-Japan alignment sets the stage for the reordering of the Asian strategic landscape.

India-Japan relations in good health: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe have succeeded in putting bilateral ties between India and Japan on the fast track in the last three years


Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Decoding shell companies: (The Hindu)

The Centre has initiated action against more than two lakh shell companies as part of Operation Clean Money.

Time for caution: (The Hindu, Editorial)

As the world looks to end the era of easy money, India must be prepared.

A powerful move: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Opening up coal mines to commercial auctions is welcome. It will improve supply of the fuel, and its quality.

Prelims Related Facts 

Al system can predict Alzheimer’s:

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence system that can accurately identify signs of Alzheimers disease almost 10 years before clinical symptoms appear.

The mysterious  windy Venus is revealed for the first time:

Scientists have characterised wind and cloud patterns of the night side of planet Venus for the first time, and found that it behaves very differently from the part facing the Sun.


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