Must Read News Articles-September 19th 2019


India is the top source of immigrants across the globe

A UN report reveals that one-third of all immigrants come from 10 countries


Two out of three child deaths due to malnutrition: report

Analysis of health data finds that Assam, Bihar, Rajasthan and U.P. are the most affected States

Cabinet approves ban on e-cigarettes

The Union Cabinet approved a ban on e-cigarettes, citing the need to take early action to protect public health.

The Taliban problem: On the Afghan crisis

Terrorists will not be keen on talks, but finding a solution to the Afghan crisis must continue


A self-inflicted economic slowdown

The government has failed to heed recommendations made by economists and bureaucrats on turnaround measures

Shaking the foundation of fake news

Battling disinformation must involve a fight against the narratives that act as grist for the rumour mill

The multitudes dispossessed by the ‘Gujarat model’

Extractive projects like Sardar Sarovar have hit many people.

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