Must Read News Articles – September 22, 2018

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India calls off New York meeting with Pakistan

India blamed ‘Pakistan-based entities’ for Friday’s killing of three special police officers in Kashmir and called off the planned meeting of foreign ministers in New York.

Ban on adoption by live-in partners lifted

Individuals in a live-in relationship will once again be able to adopt children from and within India after the country’s nodal adoption agency decided to withdraw a circular issued earlier this year disallowing them from doing so.

Seeking a managed exit

A year after U.S. President Donald Trump unveiled his new Afghanistan policy, the stalemate continues

Overnight flip-flop

The decision to cancel the meeting in New York dampens hope for meaningful engagement between the two countries for the foreseeable future, perhaps until the general election in India in 2019.

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ISRO setting up launch pad for Gaganyaan mission

In addition to the third launch pad at Sriharikota, the space agency is also scouting for a new location near Gujarat for the Small Satellite Launch Vehicles.

Ravaged by a caterpillar

First detected in Karnataka only in May this year, the fall armyworm, a native of the Americas, has already spread as far as West Bengal and Gujarat, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

‘Fat’ traces confirm Dickinsonia to be world’s earliest animals

A strange fossil that looks a bit like a giant leaf, or a fingerprint the size of a coffee table, has intrigued scientists for decades.

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