Must Read News Articles – September 23

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India and neighbors

Strident Pakistan presses for UN envoy on Kashmir:

Pakistan blamed India and Afghanistan for the volatile security situation in the region, while denying charges that it is harbouring terrorists who target both the countries.

Hasina floats five-point peace plan:

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has floated a five-point proposal at the United Nations to find a permanent solution to the Rohingya crisis.

Government policies

‘It is for States to crack down on cow vigilantes’:

The State governments cannot wash their hands of their responsibility to crack down on cow vigilante groups.

A few sacks of rice: (Indian Express, Editorial)

That’s what the government’s policy towards the Rohingya boils down to — imprudent, myopic, untenable.


Indian Economy

Centre to hasten GST refunds:

The Centre said while the GSTN application for refund was getting ready, the Centre was in the process of finding other ways of giving refund, if necessary, through a manual procedure.

Tax trauma: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Glitches in the GST regime are increasing the anxiety among Indian businesses.

Science and Tech 

From ocean to ozone, the limits of our planet: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Transformative changes must be considered to keep Earth safe for the future.


Shooting in the dark: (Indian Express, Editorial)

The Bullet Train project is economically nonviable. It will not lead to a transfer of technology and serve only a minuscule proportion of rail passengers.

Power for all, always: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Smart technology, involving people in operations could make 24×7 electricity a reality.

Prelims Related Facts 

Next PSLV launch in November-December:

The next launch of the PSLV will be in November-December.

Fun Fact (Unrelated to Must Read) : Newton is India’s Official Entry at the Oscars


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