Must Read News Articles – September 26, 2018

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Enact ‘strong law’ to cleanse politics: SC

Court directs political parties to display the criminal record of candidates who contest on their ticket on their official websites.

SC forms prison reforms panel

The Supreme Court on Tuesday formed a Committee on Prison Reforms chaired by former apex court judge, Justice Amitava Roy, to examine the various problems plaguing prisons in the country, from overcrowding to lack of legal advice to convicts to issues of remission and parole.

Voters’ choice

The Maldives turns the page on pre-election cynicism with a dramatic result

A change in the Maldives

India must seize the moment and rebuild the bilateral relationship

SC harks back to Mumbai blasts to cite criminalisation

The Law Commission of India, in its 244th report, succinctly put it that “instead of politicians having suspected links to criminal networks, as was the case earlier, it was persons with extensive criminal backgrounds who began entering politics.”

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Unemployment among educated youth at 16%: study

With higher growth rates not having translated into more jobs and increases in productivity failing to spur a commensurate rise in wages, the government ought to formulate a National Employment Policy that takes these trends into account, the State of Working India 2018, a new study released by Azim Premji University’s Centre for Sustainable Employment, recommends.

Editing our genes

Bioethicists fear abuse of gene editing by governments and the private sector

India ranks 158th in ‘human capital’ score

India ranks 158th in the world for its investments in education and health care, according to the first-ever scientific study ranking countries for their levels of human capital.

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