Must Read News Articles – September 28



Social Issues 

Confusing consent: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The Farooqui verdict risks widening the notion of ‘consent’ as a defence in rape cases.

Falling off the health-care radar: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Care for the elderly needs to be better targeted by the health system and social networks.

For The Children’s Sake: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Why India must join the Hague Convention on child custody.


International groupings and agreements

Debunking myths about India’s multilateralism: (Live Mint, Editorial)

They propagate perceptions that have outlived their utility and prevent us from better understanding what considerations influence India’s diplomacy.

India to back Syria in fight against IS: (The Hindu)

India promised support to Syria in the fight against terrorism in the war-ravaged country, a major theatre of the dreaded terror group Islamic State (IS).

Effects of developed and developing countries policies

Palestine to seek support of Indians: (The Hindu)

For independent India, support for the Palestinian cause has been a reference point of its foreign policy.

India and neighbors

Our call to deport Rohingya: Centre: (The Hindu)

Tells NHRC that radicalised elements among the ‘illegal’ immigrants may attack Buddhists in India.

Government policies

It’s time to scrap the Eunuchs Act:  (The Hindu, Editorial)

Steps must be taken to safeguard the fundamental rights of transgender persons.

A people’s movement: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Toilet coverage in rural India has more than doubled in three years. Nine in 10 households with toilets use them.


Internal security

Army hits ultras on Myanmar border: (The Hindu)

The Army has inflicted heavy casualties on NSCN(K) militants in an operation close to the Myanmar border.

CCS clears internal security scheme: (The Hindu)

It will strengthen law and order mechanism and modernise the police forces.

Indian Economy

EPFO gets notice under GST: (The Hindu)

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Intelligence unit has slapped a notice on the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) for defaulting on payment of service tax and has sought to examine the PF department’s records till 2016-17.

India woos SMEs in Britain: (The Hindu)

Scouts for 50 firms for investments as part of ‘Access India’.

The great unwind: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Lower demand from the Federal Reserve should cause interest rates on U.S. bonds to rise from their current, historically low levels.


A GST good and simple: (Indian Express, Editorial)

There is work to be done if the landmark reform is not to become a tryst with disaster.

How deep is India’s economic mess?: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The biggest analytical challenge right now—for policymakers and investors—is to separate the transient from the structural.


The way the wind blows: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Tamil Nadu has reaped the benefits of better planning and forecasting in integrating wind energy into its energy mix.

Is Japan’s bullet train loan the best deal India has ever had?: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Japan’s loan at 0.1% interest rate for the bullet train is not extraordinary, viewed in light of Japan’s low 0.05% interest rates and domestic economic conditions.

Pollution and Conservation

The way forward for the electric vehicle push: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The need for transition is undeniable—but it will require carefully calibrated government policies to mitigate the risks.

Prelims Related Facts 

Western Ghats throw up a new snake:

Non-venomous aquatic species is endemic to habitat where human pressure is high.

CSIR’s biggest global deal stalled:

The CSIR — known to be strapped for research funds — had committed to securing 10% to 15% of its ₹4,000-crore budget through external projects and sources.


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