Social Issues

All that Gauri Lankesh stood for: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Her murder is an attempt to kill an idea.


India and neighbors

Debt, project delays worry Bhutan: (The Hindu)

What concerns us is that the partnership seems to be going backwards.

Government Policies

State laws repugnant to IBC are void: SC: (The Hindu)

‘Entrenched managements not allowed to continue if they cannot pay their debts’.


Indian Economy

Must restore banks’ health in months, if not weeks: RBI: (The Hindu)

‘Lenders should pursue defaulters, not wait for directions’.

Social revolution in a JAM: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Equality in the digital space is different from empowering Indians in the bricks-and-mortar world.

Demonetisation: now a proven failure?: (The Hindu, Editorial)

If extinguishing black money was the intention of the move, not even 0.01% of that has been achieved.

Covering The Tracks: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Last mile works for maintenance are essential for safe, fast rail travel.

Size of Contingency Fund: Where govt, RBI disagree: (Indian Express, Explained)

  • The issue was who would bear the cost.
  • If the government did, it would add to its borrowings.
  • If the RBI did it, its balance sheet would turn from surplus to deficit.

Prelims Related News

U.S. backs sale of fighters to India:

Congress told of strategic importance.

NASA captures images of strong solar flares:

Among the most intense this sun cycle.


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