Social Issues

Indicators that matter: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Governments must be judged on the quality and extent of the public health care they provide.

Protect the dissenter: (Indian Express, Editorial)

That is the state’s responsibility. It must punish those who violently target dissent.


India and neighbors

Bali action puts India on other side of debate: (The Hindu)

Other neighbours call for restraint on Rohingya issue.

Government Policies 

All that data that Aadhaar captures: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The very foundation of Aadhaar must be reconsidered in the light of the privacy judgment.


Indian Economy

‘Income inequality in India at its highest level since 1922’: (The Hindu)

Top 1% of earners captured less than 21% of total income in the 1930s, which dropped to 6% in the ’80s and has risen to 22% now.

Science and Tech

India could embrace CO2 capture technology: (The Hindu)

Prelims Related News

Scientists make fuel from oxygen in air:

Scientists have found a way to produce methanol using oxygen in the air.

Sun and sea water powers vegetable farms in Jordan:

Jordan, a water-poor country that is 90% desert, has launched a project to turn its sand dunes into farming land to produce food using sun and sea water.


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