Must Read News Articles-September 9th 2019


Chinese trawlers in southern Indian Ocean worry India

The huge increase in numbers in the southern Indian Ocean far from the Chinese coast has raised concerns

Throttled at the grass roots

Local governments remain hamstrung and ineffective — mere agents to do the bidding of higher level governments

Trump, Europe and the Iran effect

The Iran crisis reflects the strains between the U.S. and Europe over the U.S. President’s maximalist political approaches


Moon lander Vikram may not spring back to life, say space experts

Experts said that time was running out for the moon lander Vikram and the possibility of re-establishing communication with it looked “less and less probable”.

So close, yet so far: On Chandrayaan 2 lander debacle

Chandrayaan 2 might have failed in an objective, but the mission itself is not a failure

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