“Nacaduba Sinhala” – the new butterfly species

What is the News?

A group of lepidopterists discovered a new species of butterfly. It is called “Nacaduba Sinhala Ramaswamii Sadasivan”.

Note: A lepidopterist is a person who specializes in studying butterflies and moths.

About the Nacaduba Sinhala Butterfly Species:

Nacaduba Sinhala

  • Nacaduba Sinhala is a Line Blue Butterfly Species that belongs to the Nacaduba genus group.
    • Line Blues are small butterflies belonging to the subfamily Lycaenidae. Their distribution ranges from India and Sri Lanka to the whole of southeastern Asia, Australia and Samoa.
  • Where was it discovered? This butterfly species was discovered in the Agasthyamalai in the Western Ghats a decade ago. But now it found a place in the Journal of Threatened Taxa.
  • Significance: It is the first time that a butterfly species was discovered by an all-Indian research team from the Western Ghats.

About Journal of Threatened Taxa(JoTT):

  • Journal of Threatened Taxa(JoTT) is an open-access peer-reviewed, monthly international journal on conservation and taxonomy.
  • Published by: The journal is published by the wildlife conservation and research NGO Zoo Outreach Organisation (ZOO).

Source: The Hindu


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