Naga Cucumber from Nagaland gets GI tag

What is the News?

Nagaland’s “sweet cucumber” was awarded a geographical identification (GI) tag as an agricultural product under provisions of The Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999.

About Naga Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the most important crops in the Northeast region. Nagaland ranks as the 5th in area and 3rd in production of cucumbers in the North East.

Naga Cucumber has been traditionally cultivated by Naga farmers in their Jhum fields as a mixed crop, mainly during the Kharif season (April –May).

Moreover, Cucumber is also one of the most awaited fruit for Konyak tribe every year. It is called “Maikoh” which literally means “give (Koh) to beloved (mai)”.

What is the speciality of Naga Cucumber?

Naga Cucumbers

Naga cucumber is recognised for its sweetness and unique green colour. 

Naga cucumbers are juicy, soft, and sweet. They are grown completely organically.

Naga cucumbers differ in taste, shape and sizes from those available in other parts of India.

They are low in calories but high in potassium and contain a high level of water and can serve as an alternative to consuming sports drinks


Source: This post is based on the articleNaga Cucumber from Nagaland gets GI tagpublished in AIR on 28th Sep 2021. 

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