Nation wide lockdown is an Opportunity to Improve Health Infrastructure

Synopsis – At last, states are implementing strict lockdowns. It is to handle the out-of-control spread of Coronavirus infection. Now, states should use this opportunity to improve health infrastructure in the country.

  • Life threat from a mutating virus has aggravated manifold. An increase in Covid cases from 9,000 new daily in early February to over 4,00,000 in May, is mostly caused by incorrect messaging, political rallies, and religious gatherings.
  • To curb the transmission of the virus, there is a need to impose national wide lockdown. However, lockdown should be used to improve the health infrastructure.
Benefits of a lockdown
  • Break the chain of transmission of COVID-19 – The lockdown will help to break the chain of transmission of the virus so that number of cases falls.
  • Lockdown will provide breathing time-
    • The chance of respite for the overburdened medical community – The lockdown will help healthcare professionals to manage existing cases.
    • In the meantime, the government should increase essential health supplies such as oxygen concentrators, ICU beds, and ventilators. It is necessary to treat Covid-19 patients.
    • The lockdown provided a breathing space for the government to ramp up COVID-19 testing facilities to assess the true scale of the pandemic.
    • The lockdown would provide the Centre government time and capacity to boost vaccine’s domestic production.
Way forward
  • Firstly, government should avoid shut out employment and services completely. Home delivery services and some vending should be permitted.
  • Secondly, the state government should ensure proper social distancing during ration distribution. Online payment for ration and consumer goods and doorstep delivery can be used.
  • Thirdly, facilitation of Travel for emergencies must happen without harassment.
  • Fourthly, people should focus on wearing quality good masks, keeping a safe distance, and avoiding big gathering

Source – The Hindu



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