National Data Repository

The main objective is to setup National Data Repository of reliable exploration and production data for India with provisions for seamless access and on-line data management. Specific goals are:

  • To validate, store, maintain and reproduce high quality and reliable geoscientific data
  • To facilitate efficient data reporting, data exchange, and data trading among existing players including all geoscientific agencies
  • To improve DGH’s ability to monitor and control the E&P activities and reporting
  • To encourage new E & P activities by providing high quality and reliable data
  • To strengthen overall geoscientific activities in India
  • To support an open acreage system for an improved Global E & P Business environment in India
  • To provide quality E & P data for Processing, Interpretation and Visualization Centers at DGH
  • The proposed NDR will primarily safeguard national E&P data asset and shall help and promote exploration and production activities in India.
  • This will further streamline all associated procedures, policies and workflows pertaining to data submission, data cataloguing and data viewing, data retrieval and data trading for all concerned quarters pertaining to E&P domain including stack holders, industries, government agencies, academia and research communities.
  • NDR is expected to store and maintain hydrocarbon exploration & production data in a safe and reusable manner, in perpetuity.
  • The data shall be preserved in accordance with generally accepted NDR standards, and made available to entitled users.
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