National Database for Unorganised Workers

National Database for Unorganised Workers is a comprehensive Aadhaar seeded centralized database for unorganised workers. This portal is utilized to deliver various social security and welfare schemes being implemented by the different Ministries/ Departments of the Central and State Governments. It will also be utilized to access the migrant workers in the country and the movement of workers from the informal sector to the formal sector and vice-versa.

The key objective of the Portal :
1. To maintain a comprehensive database with respect to personal details, occupation, skillset, eligibility for social security and welfare schemes, employment opportunities of unorganized workers in India
2. To address various challenges faced by the unorganized workers, especially migrant workers and frame policies/schemes according to available data such as occupation, skill etc.
3. Ascertaining the status of the migrant workers and also the movement of workers from the formal sector to informal and vice versa of the migrant workers and their updation.
4. Portability of the benefits to the migrant and construction workers.
5. Providing a comprehensive database to Govt. for tackling any National Crises like COVID-19 in future.

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