National Single Window System for Investors and Businesses Launched

What is the News?

The Union Minister of Commerce and Industry has launched the National Single Window System (NSWS) for investors and businesses.

What is the National Single Window System (NSWS)?

National Single Window System is a one-stop digital platform that aims at allowing investors to apply for various pre-operations approvals required for commencing a business in the country. 

The system aims to make the business registration process easier, allowing the beneficiary to get significant approvals online, without having to run to the government offices for approvals and can avail themselves of services with just a click. 

Currently, the platform hosts approvals across 18 Central Departments & 9 States. Another 14 Central depts & 5 states will be added by December 2021.

What are the services offered by NCWS?

Know Your Approval (KYA) Service: This feature generates a list of approvals that must be obtained before a business may begin operations. It does it by asking the investor a series of questions about their anticipated business operations, and then determining which permissions are required based on the answers.

Common Registration Form: Unified information capturing system and a universal registration form has been intended to guarantee a single point of submission of information and documents across Ministries and States.

State registration form: It allows investors to access the corresponding State Single Window System with a single click.

Applicant dashboard: Provides a single online interface to apply, track and respond to the queries pertaining to approvals and registrations across ministries and States. 

Document repository: An online centralized storage service for investors to enable one-time document submission and use the same across multiple approvals. This eliminates the need to submit documents at multiple portals.

E-Communication module: It enables online response to queries and clarification requests related to applications by Ministries and States.

Source: This post is based on the article “National Single Window System for Investors and Businesses Launched published in PIB on 22nd September 2021.

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