Navy to opt for Big Data, AI in operational functioning

Navy to opt for Big Data, AI in operational functioning

Cyber security


  1. The Indian Navy has finalised plans to incorporate contemporary cybersecurity measures

Important Facts:

  1. The biannual Naval Commanders’ Conference was held from 8th to 12th May, 2018
  2. A new digital library is inaugurated which is available across the Navy for knowledge management and retrieval including archiving of critical data and information.
  3. Navy has decided to include Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence into its operational functioning.
  4. It has reviewed the new transition cycle to deploy ships from maintenance to operational spheres.
  5. The Navy also undertook a review of the Navy’s Mission Based Deployments. It is a plan for deployment of warships in the Indian Ocean region which were made operational in 2017
  6. Focus on projects to provide thrust to ‘Make in India’ Initiative:
  • second indigenous aircraft carrier for the Navy
  • Pipeline including mine counter measure vessels,
  • landing platform dock,
  • anti-submarine shallow water craft,
  • diving support vessels
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