NCPCR writes to States to introduce concessions for children with Type 1 diabetes in schools

Source: The post is based on the article “NCPCR writes to States to introduce concessions for children with Type 1 diabetes in schools” published in The Hindu on 29th March 2023

What is the News?

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights(NCPCR) has written to the Chairman/Secretary Education Boards of all States and Union Territories stating that it is the duty of schools to ensure that children with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) are provided with proper care and required facilities.

What is Type 1 Diabetes(T1D)?

Type 1 Diabetes(T1D) is diagnosed in childhood or adolescence as a condition where the pancreas produces little or no insulin. 

This requires the children to constantly monitor their sugar levels and diet, and regulate physical activity. Treatment involves taking multiple injections of insulin daily, lifelong.

According to data from the International Diabetes Federation Atlas 2021, India has the world’s highest number of children and adolescents living with Type I Diabetes Mellitus(TIDM) at over 2.4 lakh.

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What are the guidelines issued by NCPCR to states on Type 1 Diabetes(T1D)?

In 2017, CBSE issued a circular allowing children with T1D in Classes X and XII to carry certain eatables with them to the board examination hall, to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycaemia or low sugar episodes. 

The NCPCR has said that more such concessions should be granted to all children with T1D in schools.

As per NCPCR, a child with T1D who requires a mid-afternoon snack should be permitted by the class teacher to consume it. 

Those writing exams may be allowed to carry medicines, snacks and water with them, a glucometer and glucose testing strips to test blood sugar and continuous/flash glucose monitoring devices or insulin pumps. 

NCPCR has also appealed to States that in case a smartphone is required to monitor sugar levels, it should be allowed and can be held by the invigilator in the hall.

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