Need for Fire Safety training and technologies

Synopsis- Despite large fires in the past, building and fire safety standards continues to be ignored.


The current fire protection measures in all major cities do not account for all contemporary fire hazard issues. It makes fire safety a growing concern.

  • The Fire accident at Eastern Railway Headquarter in Kolkata is a prime example of poor attention to fire safety fundamentals, lack of preparedness plan, and the absence of robust fire mitigation technologies.
  • This accident also provides an opportunity to assess the status of the Model Bill of 2019. It Provides for the Maintenance of Fire and Emergency Services of a state.

Modern technology and preparedness are both important for safety against fire hazards, but both are undervalued in India.

What are the concerns related to fire safety in India?

  • Lack of robust fire mitigation technologies.
  • Most of the modern Buildings in major cities lack sufficient in-built fire safety services such as smoke alarms and sprinkler systems. These systems operate as early warning systems and fire control measures.
What should be done to reduce fire accidents? 
  1. Proper use of fire safety norms prescribed under the National Building Code.
  2. Fire Safety Audits [FSA] should be made mandatory in India. Moreover, the auditing work should be delegated to third-party agencies with experience in the field.
  3. Regular fire safety drills should be conducted so that people are aware of what to do in the event of such tragedy.
  4. Enhancement of public awareness and proper use of technology and resources for the mitigation of fire hazards is needed.
  5. Technology and resource advancement is needed.

Source- The Hindu

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