Need for Police Reforms in India

Synopsis: Police reforms require urgent attention. There have been many instances of Police-politician nexus. It is not right for democracy.

  • The 21st century witnessed many crises. For instance,
    1. One, the 2007-08 financial crisis affected the growth of many economies and the recovery process has been slow.
    2. Two, the most recent impact of the Pandemic, it has affected every sphere of Human activity.
    3. Three, the crisis of Disinformation and fake news became a big menace for society.
  • All these circumstances expose the fragility of today’s party-based democracies. Also, it exposed the inability to manage such problems.
  • However, finding an optimal combination of authoritarian, populist and democratic trends will not be easy.
  • It could give way to the rise of new political oligarchies, and the creation of new elites. They may identify themselves as the defenders of democracy.
  • Recent trends within the country suggest the starting of such problems.
What are the recent issues affecting democracy in India?
  1. First, the concept of the free and fair election itself is under threat. This new reality gives way to authoritarian methods over democratic means. For instance,
    • One, in most electioneering campaigns personal remarks dominate political debates, instead of developmental issues or policies.
    • Two, the use of Money power and Violence during elections is very much evident.
    • Three, the verdict of the election does not reflect the true will of the electorates.
  2. Two, the most worrying issue is the collapse of systems of governance in many States. For example, the recent case of Maharashtra after the Antilia bomb case.
    • The event highlights the issues in the police system.
    • Police made no or very little effort to discover the truth and the involvement of assistant police inspector, S. Vaze. It signifies the decline in standards of police mores.
    • This incident is a prime example that reflects the problems in the law and order system across the country.
What needs to be done?

Police reforms by establishing a new police commission will not yield results. Because police commissions cannot change the system that compels police to operate by the politicians, bureaucrats, and others in authority.

So, we need to think of other alternatives to address the issue.

  1. Firstly, nurture courageous police leadership that can stand up for the right policies and punishes officers indulged in wrongdoings.
  2. Secondly,  create and execute a national public awareness campaign against the kind of excesses that have been allowed to continue. Creating such a movement and sustaining it will not be easy, but if the system is to be saved, there is a need to consider such real alternatives.

Source: The Hindu

[Answered] Discuss the need and significance of police reforms in the recent context of rise in crime.

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