Need to work with country on vax passport | CoWin platform is an inclusive system

Relevance: Few key points related to CoWIN platform  

Synopsis: India’s online vaccination platform CoWin has come a long way. With the return to centralized vaccine procurement beginning 21 June, the government is constantly fine-tuning the platform for the mass adult immunization drive. 

Key points: 

  • Addressing the rural-urban divide: About 53% of vaccine doses given in the country are in rural India, and 80% of the total vaccinations have been without registration. Moreover, ownership of a mobile phone is not a prerequisite for covid vaccination. Data shows more than 70% of vaccination centers are located in rural areas, including more than 26,000 at primary health centers and 26,000 at sub-health centers. 
  • Digital Vaccination certificate: A digital vaccination certificate was introduced since the beginning. 
  • It’s now aligned with what is called Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, or FHIRs, a World Health Organization (WHO) standard. This digital certificate will act like a vaccine passport. 
  • The certificate is FHIR-compliant, and has a complete data set —vaccine type, vaccination date and the name of the person who vaccinated and details of vaccinees. It is encrypted with the private key of the government of India. Public key is the ‘verify certification’ section on the CoWin website. For ensuring verification, there’s an encrypted QR code, which can be verified. 

For more info on Co-WIN: Go through the articles at this and this link. 


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