‘NEET is discriminatory,against social justice’

News: Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in his speech argued about the negatives of NEET and its impact on the future of students.

Constitutionality of NEET

NEET is not a system established by the Constitution, so is not made a part of the Constitution. The Medical Council of India mandated the creation of NEET.

Why the Tamil Nadu state is opposing the NEET exam?

Federalism is a fundamental idea that truly safeguards the ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity of India. NEET goes against the principle of social, justice and encroaches upon the federal rights of states.

According to AK Rajan committee established by TN state, NEET has limited the diversity of community representation in MBBS and higher medical courses by obstructing the desire of those underprivileged of receiving medical education and favouring the socio-economically rich sections.

According to the survey, government school children, those whose parents’ annual income is less than ₹2.5 lakh, the backward (BC), the most backward (MBC), Scheduled Castes (SC), and Scheduled Tribes (ST) are the most affected. According to the research, those who studied in the Tamil medium in government schools are also harmed.

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What is the purpose of introducing the NEET exemption bill?

The Tamil Nadu Assembly has passed a Bill to dispense with the NEET. This bill is passed based on the recommendation of the high-level committee led by retired judge AK Rajan. According to it, NEET is beneficial mostly to private training institutes and the rich section and is not beneficial to the poor section.

But, recently, the bill was returned by the governor.

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What is the observation of the Supreme Court?

In Modern Dental College vs Madhya Pradesh government, SC said that the State government has the power to legislate on student admissions to higher education institutions.

In another judgement delivered by Justice Banumathi in the same case, the court ruled that the law regulating student admission was within the jurisdiction of the State government.

So, by introducing NEET exemption bill, the TN government is using the legislative power of the State legislature.

Source: This post is based on the article “‘NEET is discriminatory, against social justice’” published in The Hindu on 9th February 2022.

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