New initiative in J&K to restore lost glory of Pashmina shawls

Source:  This post is based on the article “J&K to restore lost glory of Pashmina shawls” published in “The Hindu” on 31st August, 2021.

What is the News?

The administration of Jammu and Kashmir is taking various initiatives to restore the lost glory of Pashmina Shawls.

What are Pashmina Shawls?
  1. Pashmina Shawl is a fine wool made from the undercoat of the Changthangi or Pashmina goat.
  2. Kashmir Pashmina has been assigned a Geographical indication (GI) tag under the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999.

About Changthangi or Pashmina goat:

  1. Changthangi or Pashmina goat is a special breed of goat mainly found in the Ladakh region and Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh.
  2. The goats are raised for ultra-fine cashmere wool, known as Pashmina wool.
  3. These goats are generally domesticated and reared by nomadic communities called the Changpa in the Changthang region of Ladakh.
Initiatives to revive Pashmina Shawls:
  1. A Centre For Excellence (CFE) has been set up by the ‘Me&K’ brand and Aditya Birla Group in Kashmir to restore the lost glory of handwoven Pashmina Shawls.
  2. Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom, Kashmir has announced a Minimum Support Price (MSP) for geographical indication (GI)-certified hand-made Pashmina shawls to sustain the old techniques.
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