NFDC merger: In unified National Film Corporation, a theatre of the absurd

Source– The post is based on the article “NFDC merger: In unified National Film Corporation, a theatre of the absurd” published in The Indian Express on 5th January 2023.

Syllabus: GS1- Indian culture

Relevance– Issues related to regulation of film industry

News– The article explains the restructuring of film-related bodies in India. It also explains the issues related with this move.

What is the restructured form of film bodies in India?

The film related bodies in India have been restructured. The Films Division, National Film Archives of India, Directorate of Film Festivals, Children’s Film Society of India have closed.

National Film Development Corporation with an expanded charter will carry forward the activities hitherto performed by these departments in the Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

This has been undertaken on the basis of recommendations submitted by an expert committee headed by retired I&B secretary Bimal Julka.

The logic behind this move is that a single corporation will lead to synergy amongst the various activities. It will lead to better and efficient utilisation of infrastructure and manpower.

What are the issues with the new arrangement?

The infrastructure has been dismantled. All specialists within these structures have been declared as surplus, without any designations attached to them. They are waiting to be redeployed in any government department.

The logic of synergy raises some concerns. As per the arrangement in place now, the NFDC is producing feature films and DFF decides the national film awards.

AS per new arrangements, the NFDC will be producing feature films and non-feature films It will also decide whether its own films or others will win national awards. It is an absurd exercise. It creates conflict of interest.

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