NGRI proposes landslip, flood warning system 

What is the news? 

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research -National Geophysical Research Institute (CSIR-NGRI) has launched an ‘Environmental Seismology’ group to develop a ‘Landslide and Flood Early Warning System’ for the Himalayan region.  

It is based on real-time monitoring with dense seismological networks, coupled with satellite data, numerical modelling and geomorphic analysis. 

What is the purpose of this early warning system? 

It would enable a crucial warning several hours prior, which will save human lives and property. Its need was necessitated following the flash floods at Chamoli district in February when a steep glacier on the Nandadevi peak in Garhwal Himalaya got detached.

It caused a major avalanche and inducing flash floods in the Rishi Ganga and Alaknanda rivers in Chamoli (Uttarakhand) . It killed several persons downstream and caused damage to two power plants. 

Source: This post is based on the article ” NGRI proposes landslip, flood warning system ” published in The Hindu on 4th Oct 2021. 

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