No place for propaganda in PM’s security breach probe

News: On January 5, the Prime Minister’s convoy was halted on an overbridge along the Moga Ferozepur highway for 20 minutes.

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Why is the event significant for PM’s Security?

PM was trapped on and overbridge in a sensitive state. The place is just 30 km away from the border with Pakistan. The places around these have also seen the dropping of arms by drones from Pakistan. This is also the place where Bhagat Singh was cremated in 1931. Three wars have also been fought around this place.

What lapses in PM’s Security are evident from the recent incident?

When farmers and protesters had blocked the motorway, it is the responsibility of state police to clear the motorway and use the force if required. However, the police were seen negotiating and persuading the protesters instead of clearing the way for the Prime Minister’s convoy.

An advance police party should have cleared the route, or the district SP and collector should have ordered the immediate clearance of the route.

It is also important that the Special Protection Group should have activated the emergency clearance protocols and moved the Prime Minister to the nearest safe house. So while SPG is accountable for proximate security, it is the Ferozpur SP and District collector that is accountable for the motor blockade.

What should be done going forward?

While political propaganda and various conspiracy theories make rounds, it is important that truth should come out and accountability should be fixed on the persons responsible for the mishap.

Source: This post is based on the article “No place for propaganda in PM’s security breach probe” published in the Indian Express on 11th January 2022.

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