Not neutral: On India’s stand on Ukraine at the U.N.

Source: The post is based on the article “Not neutral: On India’s stand on Ukraine at the U.N.” published in The Hindu on 25th February 2023.

Syllabus: GS 2 – International Relations

Relevance: India’s stand on Russia-Ukraine war

News: There has been a year since the UN General Assembly’s voted on the resolution to criticise Russia on Ukraine invasion. The resolution called for a just and lasting peace.

The resolution was sponsored by more than 70 countries which demanded an immediate cessation of hostilities and appealed for accountability at international courts for rights violations and war crimes.

However, even adopting the resolution there has not been enough improvements in the situation.

Why has there not been much improvement in the situation?

The sponsors, led by the U.S., its allies, and European Union countries, did not call for peace talks because of the status quo advantage that lies with Russian forces.

Russia has claimed about one-fifth of Ukrainian territory. Hence, even Ukraine would not go for peace talks because it might lose its territories.

Belarus, which is an ally of Russia, has also suggested the peace talks. However, Russia has rejected it.

This has been the reason behind the increasing casualties in Ukraine and western sanctions have also not found favour with much of the world.

What has been the stand of India on the issue?

India has abstained from voting on any resolution at key UN bodies that has been critical of Russia.

India has given the reasons behind it that it wants to maintain a strategic autonomy and has stressed on diplomacy and dialogue as the only way forward.

It also wants to maintain neutrality and leave space for mediation.

India has decided to continue trade with Russia despite the sanctions imposed.

However, despite this, Russia has hardly given its attention to India’s call that “this era is not of war” and it is also unclear if Ukraine sees India as an unbiased mediator.

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