On PM Modi’s visit to Australia: Delhi to Canberra, a new journey

Source: The post is based on the article “On PM Modi’s visit to Australia: Delhi to Canberra, a new journey” published in Indian Express on 20th May 2023.

Syllabus: GS 2 – Bilateral, multilateral agreements of India

News: Prime Miniter Modi has continued with the scheduled visit to Australia, even after the cancellation of Quad Summit. It shows the importance India places on its relationship with Australia.

What are the strengths of India Australia Relations?

Cultural Links: There are strong cultural connections between these two vibrant, democratic societies. This is evident in the similarities between places like Parramatta in Sydney and Polo View in Srinagar.

Regular visits: High-level visits between the two countries are now regular. For instance, Australian PM Anthony Albanese visited India just two months ago.

Shared platforms: Both countries regularly interact through multilateral, trilateral, and minilateral forums, such as QUAD, G7, East Asia Summit, G20, and the Indian Ocean Rim Association.

Through these platforms, both countries focus on the goals of common interests like maritime awareness, supply chain resilience, and climate change.

Resilient supply chains: India and Australia have pledged to build secure and resilient supply chains for strategically significant sectors such as clean energy, electric vehicles, semiconductors, aerospace, and defence. In this regard, an MoU signed between India’s Khanij Bidesh Ltd (KABIL) and Australia’s Critical Minerals.

Space collaboration has been prioritised in the Australia-India bilateral partnership. Australia participated as a partner country in the Seventh Bengaluru Space Expo. Australia is supporting India’s Gaganyaan Space Programme.

Education forms the cornerstone of the bilateral relationship, with Australia being a popular study destination for Indian students. PM Albanese’s announcement of an education agreement that gives mutual recognition to the qualifications of both countries is the most comprehensive of its kind with any other country.

Trade: Last year both countries struck a trade deal after two decades of effort. It will lift the trade between both countries from the current base of $35 billion.

New announcements: Australia has announced multiple initiatives, like the opening of a new consulate in Bengaluru and a new centre for Australia-India relations in Sydney, to deepen its ties with India.

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