“One Nation One Standard Mission” and “Research Designs & Standards Organization”

What is the News?

Indian Railways Research Design & Standards Organization(RDSO) has become the nation’s first institution to be declared as Standard Developing Organization(SDO) under the “One Nation One Standard” mission.

About One Nation One Standard Mission:
  • One Nation One Standard was first conceived in 2019 by the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS).
  • The mission is on the line of one nation, one ration card scheme in order to ensure quality products in the country.
Objectives of the One Nation One Standard Mission:
  • To aggregate and integrate the existing capabilities in standardisation. Further, it will also provide dedicated domain-specific expertise available with various organizations in the country.
    • This will enable one template of standard for one given product instead of having multiple agencies set it.
  • To enable the convergence of all standard development activities in the country, resulting in One National Standard for One Subject. This will help in establishing a Brand India identity in the long run.
SDO Certification:
  • To attain the One Nation One Standard vision, BIS launched the Standard Developing Organization(SDO) recognition scheme.
  • The recognition is valid for 3 years and will require renewal after completion of the validity period.
About Research Designs & Standards Organization(RDSO)
  • RDSO is the sole R&D Wing of the Ministry of Railways. It was founded by integrating the Central Standards Office (CSO) and the Railway Testing and Research Centre(RTRC) into a single unit in 1957.
  • Purpose: It is one of India’s leading Standard formulating bodies undertaking standardization work for the railway sector.
  • Location: It is situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

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Benefits of SDO Recognition for RDSO:
  • RDSO will be recognized on international standards-making bodies and there will be integration with global supply chain/global trade
  • The competitiveness amongst the industry will increase
  • There will be a reduction in cost and quantum improvement in the quality of product and services
  • There will be smooth induction of the latest evolving & emerging technologies on Indian Railways
  • Dependence on imports will reduce and “Make-in-India” will get a boost
  • Improved ease-of-doing-business.

Source: Financial Express

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