Interview Video by Neyawn

Here is that elusive video, on a very private page. I intend to keep it that way 🙂

This session was first taken for a very limited set of people.

Kinda private invite only. A small get together in ORN.

Special thanks to TJ who was one of the reasons for calling this session.

Unfortunately the very eventful session that we had – where I  met Sachin, Prajit, Pushplata and of course Tanu  – the video of it was deleted due to storage problems.

I did a second video / session two years and 12 kgs later , and here it is.

I will not say that it fully captures the essence of the first session, but it pretty much tries to replicate what I said in the original session.

I hope that things said in the video make sense even in 2019 2020 2021

P.S. You must download and go through this file –  IAS Interview Preparation – Text of Chairman and this file – The three case studies of my life –  IAS Interview Case Study, before I begin to make some sense to you.

Give it five to seven minutes and some pondering , before you hit play.

( Also, I recommend that you accept nothing without questioning,  and if you disregard or want to cross questions anything I have said, you can write to me at

While I do not reply to every email, I do read each of them. )



– Neyawn

P.S. All names taken are copyright of their respective owners.

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