Only 12.9% Indian women hold agricultural land: Index

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News: Centre for Land Governance has released an index ranking states in terms of women holding land rights in percentage points.

Key Takeaways:

  • Land Holding by Women: Women constitute a third(32%) of India’s agricultural labour force and contribute 55-66% to farm production. However, they hold only 12.8% of the land in India.
  • Best States Providing Land Rights for women: Lakshadweep and Meghalaya are best at providing land rights to women; Punjab and West Bengal are the worst.
  • Region wise Land Holdings:In the southern states, 15.4% of women hold land and in the northeast, 14.1%.Despite such low figures, these states outperform the northern states (9.8%) and the eastern states(9.2%).
  • Importance of Land rights for women: Secure and impartial land rights for women are crucial for a country to achieve sustainable development goals such as ending poverty and achieving gender equality.
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